247 new iphone 4 proprietors all over the country were surveyed (I’m sure not a very big test swimming pool) by Retervo to create a snapshot profile of a typical individual. Here are the shows of the things they found out:

Question: The thing that makes someone more desirable, a college degree or cool devices?

  • According to the study 75 % of iphone 3gs owners prefer to date some one with cool devices.

Question: Perhaps you have texted or emailed someone to split together with them?

  • 33 % of new iphone 4 customers did this.

Question: Would it be a turnoff whether your spouse had more mature, out-of-date gadgets?

  • Once more 33 % of iPhone owners concur that it will be a turn off.

Question: Do you ever make use of your cellphone to view adult content?

  • 20% of iphone 3gs owners confess to searching for porn.

This certainly isn’t really a serious study and of an advertising gimmick by Retrevo. Additionally, it paints iphone 3gs users as very shallow those who only contemplate themselves, that I understand many of them are not. ????

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